Sammy K is an Educator who works internationally in several Drumming genres.  His unique and dynamic style of teaching is a combination of his playing and teaching experience.  He brings his passion to the teaching of Drum Set, Drum Circles, Marching Percussion and Drum Circle Facilitation in diverse settings including: Jazz Camps, Fortune 500 companies, sports teams, school groups, The Boy Scouts of America, Daimler/Chrysler, The United Nations, university groups, Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient ceremony, corporate training, LA County Fair, municipal special events, charity events, Yamaha, Zildjian, Vic Firth and REMO sponsored events. His positive and energized approach to instruction allows all the participants to experience the excitement of Drumming as they learn, and his enjoyment of Drumming is contagious.

He is the creator of the “Groove Boot Camp” program for Jazz Drum Set instruction which he has taught internationally.  This program allows Drummers of all ages and abilities to learn the basics needed to play in a Big Band setting.  He is also the co-creator of “Body Beat” which is a card based educational tool for a Drum Circle experience without any Drums.  He has been the Percussion Instructor for award winning Drum Lines, and marched with the nationally acclaimed MSU Spartan Drum Line.  Sammy does Drum Set clinics and Drum Circle Facilitation internationally, and is an Artist with Remo, Zildjian, Yamaha, Vic Firth,Cympad and Kotz Cajons.

What People Are Saying About Sammy...

"With Sammy, it's about 2 things: the MUSIC and the STUDENT. Period. He gives the impression that every day he finds himself lucky enough to wake up in the morning and spread the gospel about making great drumming happen. It doesn't matter whether the student is a hotshot Conservatory cat or a middle schooler just starting out, Sammy approaches the deal with the same passion, the same enthusiasm, the same spirit of giving that enables students of all levels to gain maximally from being in his presence. It's not about Sammy, it's about the music. Not Sammy's music, THE music. You'll not find a finer example of sharing and caring and giving people a leg up in the whole world. Simply put, Sammy K is a delight to be around, and the compassion he shares with students gives everyone he touches the best shot at being all they can be." Hal Melia - Northern Kentucky University

Sammy K