starting new year right

January 5, 2008

I started 08 off with two shows at The Orleans showroom in Las Vegas with Imelda Papin. Ted Perlman assembled a wonderful band and lead the gig like a champ….it was actually FUN! Two solid shows in a great showroom with wonderful people….that is how I like to do it!

Then I played at Toby Keith’s@Harrah’s Casino with Neil Morrow….Neil is a wonderful performer and I always enjoy sharing the stage with him. Toby Keith’s was a very nice venue-except for the useless sound shield they put the drums behind. Those are one of the worst things to ever happen to drums and I can’t wait until the day they disappear! It really isolates the band, they can’t hear me, I can’t hear them-and makes the monitor mix WAY TOO important in a venue that does not have someone mixing monitors on stage. LOVE you Neil…..the glass has got to go!

Had a pre-production rehearsal with Levi Kreis for his upcoming CD, and the new music is killin. Levi is such a talent, and JV Collier is on bass…..the man is BAD. We will be recording next week-and I am very excited to get this music documented and hopefully out to the masses. Levi has really written some wonderful stuff, and JV is so musical that it can’t help but be great.

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"With Sammy, it's about 2 things: the MUSIC and the STUDENT. Period. He gives the impression that every day he finds himself lucky enough to wake up in the morning and spread the gospel about making great drumming happen. It doesn't matter whether the student is a hotshot Conservatory cat or a middle schooler just starting out, Sammy approaches the deal with the same passion, the same enthusiasm, the same spirit of giving that enables students of all levels to gain maximally from being in his presence. It's not about Sammy, it's about the music. Not Sammy's music, THE music. You'll not find a finer example of sharing and caring and giving people a leg up in the whole world. Simply put, Sammy K is a delight to be around, and the compassion he shares with students gives everyone he touches the best shot at being all they can be." Hal Melia - Northern Kentucky University

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