August 5, 2008 | Filed under: Uncategorized

Well…they said it never WOULD happen….never SHOULD happen…never COULD happen…but IT DID! I went to Nashville TN and recorded ten songs with TRAVIS HOWARD Producing! It was the answer to a lot of prayer, and a wonderful week. For those of you who don’t know….Travis has written and co-written some of Miranda Lambert’s hits…including cuts on the Country Music Association Record of the Year this year. Dave Roe of Johnny Cash and Dwight Yokam (to just scratch the surface) fame, Charlie Crowe of Brooks&Dunn plus a ton more, Tony Bowles of Hank Jr and other serious stuff, and the immortal Keith Gattis (long time Dwight dude and solo Artist) made up the band….and they were NAILS. It was wonderful to walk in and be surrounded by such great players…AND they were very nice and funny! We laughed a lot over the course of the week, and I am humbled by the musicality and spirt of each and every one of them.

Thanks to Dave, I also got to go Sony and watch some of the top players in town record. Eddie Bayers was there, and it was amazing to sit and watch him work. I got the chance to sit and chat with him a bit, and he turned out to be a super nice and funny guy. He and I laughed and had some fun, then of course I had to get a pic with him at his Drums! What a treat to be able to do that….thanks DAVE!

Rumble King has been playing some gigs at Disneyland, and it has been very fun to be there with them. Unlike many of the gigs there, we are allowed to play many original songs in our sets, and don’t have to pretend to be a deceased singer either. It is fun to play where the crew does such a great job on sound and lights…..and where I can just ride my motorcycle because the Drums are supplied….that is such a treat!

Well……roller coasters, golf and recording this week….I love my job!