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Recording tracks

I am now available to make YOUR recording better!

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Now available to record for YOU

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I am now recording here at Drum Palace Studio A for your recording needs. Contact me directly, or check me out on Sound Better at’-sammy-k?just_published=true


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Had a fantastic time at the 10th annual JEN Conference in Reno (911). Saw some fantastic clinics, friends, food and laughter. Matt Falker and I presented our clinic Custom Fit Your Standards and it was well received. I am playing in LA for the next part of the month, then off to Hawaii for some… ( read more )

mahalo Jazz camps-Aloha Hawaii

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June was a great month of Jazz camps and Disney Drumming! I also got some great coaster rides in, and enjoyed traveling. Now I am on to Hawaii with the Jocelyn Michelle Group! We currently have an album on the Jazz charts, and we are working on more new material to boot!

Jazz Camp Season again!

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Well, here I am again-traveling around the country teaching Jazz to the next generation. I am also enjoying some roller coasters along the way, and some Disney gigs just to round it all out!

Jazz camp season has arrived

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I am leaving LA after one last Happiest Gig On Earth for three wonderful Jazz camps. Miami Valley Jazz Camp is first, followed by Joe’s Jazz Camp in GA, and finishing up with Music For All Summer Symposium at Ball St Univ.

Jocelyn Michelle Group to record live in beautiful downtown Burbank!

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Come down to Viva Cantina in Burbank on May 13th-at 8pm we will record live for her new album. Organ Jazz from the good old days featuring a modern twist.

NDSU Jazz Fest 2017

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What a great time performing and doing a Master Class at this year’s North Dakota State University Jazz Fest! Dr Kyle Mack and Sigurd Johnson were amazing hosts….the music and the hang were strong!

Insane Coaster Wars: World Domination

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I may be seen on the Travel Channel July 6th at 7 or 7:30pm on Insane Coaster Wars: World Domination. I was part of a group that rode Full Throttle at Magic Mountain for several hours…..they will probably show the pretty girls….but keep an eye peeled for lil ol me too.

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